The causes of high blood pressure and hypertension


Prevention is better than any cure. Looking into the causes of high blood pressure. Let us start by distinguishing between two types of hypertension: primary and secondary. In primary hypertension, which is the case for about 95% of instances of high blood pressure, there is no easily identifiable or curable cause and the high blood pressure values are the result of the alteration of complex regulatory mechanisms (related to the autonomic nervous system and substances in the blood stream that have an effect on blood pressure).

In the remaining 5% of cases, high blood pressure is the result of a congenital or acquired illness affecting the kidneys, blood vessels or heart, which is therefore defined as secondary hypertension. In these cases, blood pressure values could be normalized by identifying and removing the causes (curing the illness at the root of the problem). What factors can influence our blood pressure values? Certain emotional states, such as anxiety, fear, distress and pain can all increase blood pressure values. Age: blood vessels gradually lose elasticity with the years, especially in those who suffer from atherosclerosis (a disease that causes artery walls to thicken). Increase in weight: there is a strong correlation between the condition of being overweight and hypertension and this relation can significantly increase the overall cardiovascular risk. Consuming alcohol and smoking can also increase blood pressure values. Doing regular exercise has beneficial effects over time on blood pressure values.

Remember that blood pressure values vary throughout the day; they are normally higher in the morning and decrease during the day due to increases in temperature causing blood vessels to dilate. You can control and lower your blood pressure by improving your lifestyle and regularly measuring your blood pressure, and AMICOMED can help you do just that.