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Amicomed is a friendly app for people who want to make positive changes to their lifestyle

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Amicomed will help you keep track of your blood pressure readings and teach you healthier habits with a fun lifestyle modification program*

How does Amicomed work?

Amicomed was created by experts to help people design their own personalized lifestyle program.

When used as intended, Amicomed’s software helps people become more aware of the importance of blood pressure tracking. This understanding, and following Amicomed’s personalized lifestyle program, can help change behaviors in three short months!

Amicomed has already helped thousands of people keep track of their blood pressure readings and adopt positive lifestyle changes.


The Lifestyle Program

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We are committed to help the world make positive lifestyle changes.

The people behind the program

The Amicomed program was developed over the course of two years by a team of experts in a wide variety of specialties. Our team’s extensive research has resulted in the development of Amicomed’s algorithm, a unique and powerful feature that can generate thousands of highly personalized lifestyle programs designed around an individual’s metabolism, history, and goals.

The Amicomed difference

Amicomed’s onboarding questionnaire will help determine your “Lifestyle Score” and identify the most suitable lifestyle program tailored to your personal needs with recommendations based on your choices.

Lifestyle Program’s Rules

The lifestyle program is designed to last 90 days, with weekly lifestyle goals and tips. You will receive a personalized diet and exercise plan, along with useful tips on how often to measure your blood pressure and how to learn more about your blood pressure readings.

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