Pioneering Digital Blood Pressure Management

Amicomed integrates advanced technology with behavioral science to personalize blood pressure management.*

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An engaging and user-friendly approach to encourage positive lifestyle adjustments and track blood pressure, providing relevant information to support clinical decisions

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Join our usability testing program* to access Amicomed’s features at no cost and play a crucial role in refining our tool. 

*This phase focuses on gathering user feedback and is not intended for medical diagnosis or advice. 

A Vision for Healthier Futures

Developed by Newel Health and leading cardiologists, Amicomed is a digital therapeutic candidate*, focused on empowering people to actively participate in their health management.  

Amicomed can accompany individuals with hypertension  on their journey to a healthier tomorrow, where technology meets healthcare, and personalized care becomes the standard. 

The Amicomed program can be useful for a wide range of heart-related health concerns. It aims to help healthy people lower their risk factors for heart disease, and it also offers support to those who already have heart or blood sugar conditions, such as heart failure, past strokes, heart attacks, cholesterol issues, and diabetes.

*Submitted for MDR certification 


Innovation and scientific rigor

With a patented blood pressure monitoring algorithm, Amicomed offers personalized lifestyle plans and integrates with leading health platforms for a comprehensive overview of health data. 

Amicomed’s 90-day lifestyle program has previously scientifically demonstrated (at the American Society of Hypertension, American College of Cardiology and American Heart Association*) the ability to support patients in reducing their blood pressure through lifestyle changes.  

 2015 – ASH

 2016 – ACC

 2017 – AHA

Next steps:  

Amicomed is expected to receive MDR Class IIa certification in Q1 2024 

Its scientifically-backed lifestyle program is preparing for a randomized clinical trial (RCT) in Q4 2024. 


We are committed to help the world make positive lifestyle changes.

The people behind the program

Amicomed’s development is the result of two years of intensive research by a multidisciplinary team, who have brought scientific knowledge and practical expertise.

The Amicomed difference

Amicomed’s lifestyle program is a holistic journey towards improved cardiovascular health rooted in the foundational principles of the AHA’s Life’s Simple 7 and the ESC’s Guidelines on Cardiovascular Prevention. It offers a tailored approach to lifestyle modification, providing individuals with a personalized dietary scheme and physical activity schedule. The program is designed to support a wide range of heart health needs, such as helping people who are currently healthy to stay that way and reduce their risk of heart problems, and it’s also there for those who already have heart or metabolism-related health issues like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, or a history of heart disease.

Lifestyle Program’s Rules

The lifestyle program is designed to last 90 days, with weekly lifestyle goals and tips. You will receive a personalized diet and exercise plan, along with useful tips on how often to measure your blood pressure and how to learn more about your blood pressure readings.

Developed to empower health decisions 

Intended use: 

The Amicomed medical device software provides an interpretation of the trend in physiological parameters of arterial pressure and heart rate acquired by external, independent measurement device. The interpretation can be used for the purpose of informing clinical practice for long-term monitoring, informing the user in cases where he or she interprets the data as deserving clinical attention, and inviting him or her to contact his or her physician.


Amicomed is intended for use by those who suffer from hypertension or are exposed to other risk factors, such as diabetics, the obese and the elderly, and, more generally, those who care about their health. Use of the medical device is permitted for anyone who has a blood pressure monitor with a valid CE mark, or who takes their blood pressure at their doctor’s office or pharmacy. 

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