Solutions for high blood pressure?


Solutions for high blood pressure? A dog is the answer!

Six-legged physical activity is good for your blood pressure and your mood

Your dog could be an excellent solution to carry out some daily physical exercise, which is one of the most effective remedies for high blood pressure. It can even improve certain psychological conditions and be far more effective than any other medicine. A sedentary lifestyle is one of the main causes of obesity and cardiovascular disease. We often sign up to a gym but then fail to go because we are tired from a long day’s work, so why not indulge our dog urging us with his paw to take him out for a walk? A study by Michigan State University concluded that those who own a dog are forced to take him out on average 3-4 times a day for about 10 minutes at a time. They observed that these individuals tend to carry out more physical activity than those who occasionally go to the gym, even if for an hour at a time. The American researchers suggest that owning a dog even favors the desire to do physical activity such as running.

Furthermore, they demonstrate that owning a dog can help alleviate depression, loneliness and even hypertension. Man’s best friend is especially recommended for seniors, hypertensive subjects and those who have suffered from heart attack, because it forces you to carry out daily physical activity. According to a study by the University of Montpellier, it is also an excellent remedy for depression and loneliness, because taking him for a walk creates chances of making new acquaintances. Pets provide a good form of mental exercise, particularly for those living in the city, and can help cure disorders including autism and illnesses typical of aging subjects. As of today we know what to do, get home, put on a pair of comfortable shoes and pick up the leash. Possibly the easiest and most entertaining solutions for high blood pressure.