Kiwis against high blood pressure


Three kiwis a day keep high blood pressure away

Which foods can help with high blood pressure? There are many changes you can make in the kitchen to help solve the problem of hypertension. While most people are, or should be, aware of the importance of a drastic reduction in salt consumption, few know of the efficacy of kiwis. A recent scientific study has discovered that daily consumption of kiwis contributes greatly to fighting hypertension.

Researchers at Mette Svendsen University hospital in Oslo (Norway) suggest that if you suffer from hypertension and you enjoy kiwis then you are in luck, for you have access to the easiest natural remedy for high blood pressure. The study they presented at a scientific meeting of the American Heart Association in Orlando, Florida showed that three kiwis a day can easily lower blood pressure levels in hypertensive subjects.

But how did the Norwegian researchers reach this interesting conclusion?

The doctors took into consideration a sample of 200 volunteers with high blood pressure and divided them into two groups who were followed for eight weeks. The first group was asked to consume 3 kiwis a day, while the second was asked to add one apple every day.

At the end of this experiment, it turned out that participants of the group that just added kiwis to their diet had experienced a greater reduction in blood pressure than those who also added an apple.

Specifically, those who added kiwis to their diet experienced a reduction in systolic blood pressure of 3.6 mmHg.

This is a big win for this green fruit against high blood pressure!


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