Integrity of your blood pressure measurement history

selective focus photo of black and white delete, enter, power button, and F12 computer keys

If you make a mistake, your last measurement can be deleted

Your blood pressure measurement history is extremely valuable. In order to manage blood pressure correctly you must take into consideration the way it evolves over time rather than just a single measurement. We remind you that you can always consult your measurement history in the App, in both list or graph form.

Given its importance in blood pressure monitoring, we value the integrity of your measurement history very highly. Sometimes, particularly if inserting a measurement manually, you can make a mistake in typing the values, but have no fear; the last measurement can always be deleted.

You can delete the last measurement inserted from the screen displaying the AMICOMED evaluation of your blood pressure by clicking on the icon on the bottom left. We remind you that you can access this screen from your measurement history by clicking on the desired measurement. You should be aware that if you wish to delete a measurement you need to do so before you insert a new one, as you can only delete the last measurement entered. Be careful, because deleted measurements cannot be retrieved, though you can always insert them again.

The measurements you insert cannot be modified at a later date in order to guarantee the integrity and completeness of your clinical history, on which your blood pressure evaluation is based. For this reason you will always be asked to confirm the data entered before sending it to AMICOMED.