Foods for high blood pressure: beetroot


Beetroot is among the many foods for high blood pressure and those who wants to lower it

The beetroot is a root with many dietary and health promoting properties, among which helping to fight hypertension. It contains large quantities of minerals, which it absorbs from the ground: potassium, phosphorus, iron, calcium and numerous B group vitamins.

It has depurative, antiseptic and reconstructive properties and can be beneficial in cases of the flu or anemia, thanks to its iron content. It favors digestion and strengthens the gastric mucosal barrier. It is not recommended to diabetic patients for its sugary consistency and those who suffer from kidney stones for the presence of oxalates.

A recent study published in the scientific journal “Hypertension” (Kapil et al. 2015) has demonstrated the effectiveness of beetroot juice in lowering the blood pressure of patients affected by hypertension. The study divided 68 hypertensive patients into two groups, the first received a dietary supplement of beetroot juice (240ml a day for 4 weeks), while the second received a placebo under the form of a similar juice lacking the active ingredients of the beetroot.

Specifically, the study focused on the effect of nitrate present in the beetroot. This substance is converted by the body into nitric oxide (NO), favoring vasodilation and the lowering of blood pressure. The study’s results have shown the effectiveness of beetroot juice compared to the placebo in decreasing blood pressure values for hypertensive patients, and even observed an improvement in the functioning of blood vessel walls and a decrease in the rigidity of arteries.

Beetroot against hypertension!

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