Control blood pressure by setting a target


Setting personal targets can be a useful way of helping you to control blood pressure.

In some cases, your doctor could set a personal target for your blood pressure, which is a limit that your blood pressure should not cross, and could be set for your systolic or diastolic blood pressure, or both. AMICOMED allows you to enter this target on the App, by clicking on “Blood Pressure Target”, where you will be able to set targets for both systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

Once you set your target, AMICOMED will provide an additional evaluation, on top of the usual ones, to each value you enter, letting you know whether your blood pressure is on target.

AMICOMED will consider your systolic blood pressure “on target” if it is within 20mmHg below the value you set, and diastolic blood pressure will be considered “on target” if it is within 10mmHg below the value you set.

The use of a personal target is optional, and can be set for just one between systolic (maximum) and diastolic (minimum) blood pressure. Furthermore, the target can be changed or removed whenever you like.

AMICOMED helps you to control blood pressure in an easier way, let’s try together!